Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tyga Facing a Cash Crunch?

Two years ago rapper Tyga got sued and had his Ferrari and Rolls Royce repoed for non-payment [click here if you missed that]. 

Tyga is still grappling with the debt...

From Radar Online

Midway demanded $43k for the Ferrari and another $84k on the Rolls for a grand total of $127k.
The case was settled in December 2019 after Tyga agreed to a payment plan.
However, Midway went back to court recently claiming Tyga hasn’t finished paying the settlement. They claim he’s paid over 58% but has been granted several deferments due to the pandemic.
“The matter remains settled and Defendant is timely on his obligations or has asked and been provided accommodation due to financial hardship by deferring several monthly payments under the settlement agreement,” the docs note.
Midway "respectfully requests another 12 months stay to allow Defendant to meet his settlement obligations." Once Tyga pays the balance the suit will be closed once and for all.