Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Family of Astroworld's Youngest Victim Rejects Travis Scott's Offer to Pay Funeral Expenses

Earlier this month 9-year-old concert goer Ezra Blount died from his injuries after being trampled at the Houston kickoff for rapper Travis Scott's 2021 Astroworld Tour [click here if you missed that]. 

Ezra's family has refused Travis' offer to pay their funeral expenses...

According to reports the Blount family declined the offer sent to their attorney Benjamin Crump and responded that they hope Travis takes responsibility for what he caused. Ten people died in the crowd surge and more than 500 hundred were injured. 

Travis is currently facing more than $1 billion in lawsuits from concert goers, including the Blount family, security guards and families of the victims. 


LYNNY said...

He is soooo ugly. The rappers of today are so disgusting looking compared to LL and Method Man etc..

I feel horrible for this child and his family...

Anonymous said...

^^^ Until Astro World Popped Off?

I Thought Him & ASAP Rocky Was The Same Uglass MF

& Good . Sue Ug Mug Into Oblivion.

No Worries- His Pregnant Baby Mama Will Cover It.

Stay Woke✔️

Indi_flo said...

Yeaaaa I wonder why the 90s rappers were so sexy and healthy looking..
But these lil dudes now???

Felicia said...

All these dudes is dope fiends..

Unknown said...


I legit thought they were too -

Travis Scott aka Jacques Webster, needs to be held liable and accountable for AstroWorld. I'm disgusted that he recommended traumatized concertgoers to that scamming, data mining, online therapy shit show. I'm disgusted that, through his PR rep, he tried to deflect and insinuate blame on the parents (for the 9 y/o death). And lastly, I'm sickened that Travis (aka Jacques Webster) thought he'd look good golfing - less than a month after 10 ppl died at his concert - with Mark Wahlberg and Michael "coon" Jordan. Which - ironically - Mark Wahlberg has a history of murdering and beating up Asians, and throwing racial slurs at black ppl. And Michael "coon" Jordan can't be bothered to care that most black men kill and Rob each other for his products, cause - it's not his problem. The optics of this entire shit show is not good. And even if Travis (aka Jacques Webster) manages to get out of this unscathed, his career is fucking over. Artists make their money by touring, and every venue requires insurance. How many insurance companies are going to insure this clown going forward? And from a publicity standpoint, no sponsor is going to want to endorse a criminal clown that's responsible for the deaths of 10 ppl, while traumatizing hundreds of thousands more!

He better thank God for his trampy ass whore of a baby mama. Hopefully she'll be cool with her title: sugar mama.

Anonymous said...

Yawl forgot that one was uglier than them all from the past era....Flavor Flav.

Lynny said...

LOL Y'all made me laugh today... thank you..



Missy Jones said...

That little boy never should of been at that concert in the first place. Another example of bad parenting.

Anonymous said...

His dad was a super stan.. He took the little boy to Astroworld a few years before when he was 6 years old.. The father has an Astroworld tattoo and a picture of Travis' face on his arm.. People went through his facebook and saw him post a bunch of TS pictures..merch ..etc Its weird that he was pushing the narrative that his son was the super fan when it was his ass smh

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