Thursday, November 25, 2021

Honeykomb Brazy Being Abused in Prison

Back in February Mobile, AL rapper Honeykomb Brazy went viral after rivals shot up his grandparent's house causing an oxygen tank to explode killing them both inside [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Brazy is sending messages from jail that he is being abused...

Honeykomb Brazy was sent back to prison to finish a 15 year sentence on weapons charges after violating his probation back in July. Brazy previously served 18 months of his sentence, but was released on probation in November of 2020. 

Last night Brazy was able to post on Instagram telling his followers that he is being verbally abused by prison officials, forced to sleep on the floor with no blanket and warns that he'll be beaten once they discover his post. 

Honeykomb Brazy is signed to J. Prince's Rap-a-Lot Records. 

After the death of his grandparents Brazy posted on Instagram that he begged them to move so they wouldn't get caught up in his mess.