Friday, November 05, 2021

Kerry Rhodes Alleged Ex Outs Another Footballer

Eight years ago professional football player Kerry Rhodes was exposed for dating his stylist Russell 'Hollywood' Simpson [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Hollywood is licking his wounds after his latest alleged NFL boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys Dwayne Harris, cheated on him with girls...

Hollywood mentioned that he started styling for #Dwayne about 3 years ago and at one point they just instantly hit it off. He made it clear that he doesn’t push up on anyone that doesn’t swing his way. So their feelings for each other was mutual.
Hollywood feels used because he helped Dwayne & he was always there for him, even fix his house in #Houston, when he got injured and was out of the #NFL for a year he was the one that helped him the whole time he was healing. Besides his stylist he was basically like his assistant, doing everything for him.
He said that #Dwayne started acting funny and I guess he stopped contacting him. It was around the same time his alleged ex girlfriend noticed he was acting different towards her. Hollywood found out Dwayne had these allegations with a minor so he put two and two together.
#Hollywood also mentioned that he don’t have problems with bisexual men but he doesn’t like when men is sleeping with both men and women without neither of them knowing. He feels that #Dwayne should of been honest about his sexuality.