Thursday, November 04, 2021

Monice Slaughter Accused of Attacking Partygoer

According to reports a woman has requested a restraining order against reality TV star Moniece Slaughter claiming Monice attacked her at Cardi B's Halloween party...

From Radar Online 

The alleged victim filed a petition for a restraining order against the reality star accusing her of trying to "strike" her.
The woman claimed she "caught her hand" and called security after Moniece attempted to punch while inside the event.
"She walked into the party and walked over to me attempting to strike me," the court documents read. "But I caught her hand and held it until security came. She then came back a second time and threw a drink on me and some friends and then attempted to attack a female that she believed had her hand on my shoulder."
The alleged victim later explained the "strike" was indeed a "punch," stating when reality star "spotted me then walked over with a first balled throwing a punch but I caught her arm."
However, she cannot "disclose" information of the witnesses of the alleged attack due to their status as public figures.
As a result, the woman who attended the Cardi B party is requesting a judge to issue a restraining order after she claimed Moniece "threatened that she will violently attack me and any female she sees with me."
In addition, according to the court documents, the singer also had since gone on the internet and is "verbally abusing and spreading false allegations and harassing me and my family for the past 2 months every day."