Monday, November 22, 2021

NeNe Leakes Shuts Down Boutique Without Telling Her Employees

Things have gone from bad to worse for NeNe Leakes. 

First she lost her husband Gregg [click here if you missed that], then Real Housewives producer Andy Cohen made it clear that she was NOT welcome back to the show [click here if you missed that], and now one of her businesses has gone under...

NeNe Leakes reportedly shuttered her last remaining SWAGG Boutique and didn't inform her employees who are still waiting for paychecks, according to sources.
NeNe's employees and managers showed up to the SWAGG Boutique at the MGM Casino in Oxon Hill, Maryland, only to find the door padlocked and the space empty.
One of Nene's former employees is being evicted from her apartment. In an email to, she said Nene never informed her or any of the other employees that she was planning to close the store.
"We can't even get unemployment because Nene is refusing to answer and return the phone calls from the unemployment office," the former employee wrote.