Thursday, November 11, 2021

Nick Cannon Poised to Replace Wendy Williams?

Last month The Wendy Williams Show announced that Wendy Williams would be replaced by a series of guest hosts because Wendy's health was failing [click here if you missed that]. 

Now insiders are claiming Nick Cannon is being lined up to replace Wendy if she's not able to return to her show...

From The Sun
Sources exclusively explained to The Sun that if Wendy doesn’t return to the show, execs in the New York market have decided that their immediate plan would be to slide The Nick Cannon Show into Wendy’s 10am time spot.
“If the The Wendy Williams Show ends or she doesn’t come back to the show, they would feel comfortable sliding Nick into the 10am slot which immediately follows the local news broadcast,” one source explained.
“That is the plan for filling the time in the New York market. Other stations around the country that similarly carry both shows back-to-back will likely follow New York’s lead,” the insider added.
Meanwhile a second source said that while there still has not been any news of a renewal for the Wendy Williams Show beyond this season, that distribution execs are likely to be waiting to see how ratings are if and when she returns.