Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Rick Ross' Babymama Accused of Abuse

For years Rick Ross had been catching hell from his baby mama Tia Kemp after she accused him of neglecting their child, but they finally made peace on their son's 16th birthday [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently Tia is somebody else's headache now...

According to court documents obtained by Radar, back in July, Ross’ ex Tia Kemp and their 16-year-old son William Roberts III were sued by her ex, Jason Highley.
In the suit, Highley says he was in a romantic relationship with Tia. He allowed her to stay at his Fort Lauderdale home with her two kids, Ross’ son and another kid named Deandre Wright.
“The romantic relationship deteriorated and Highley has asked the Defendants to move out of the property several times, to no avail,” the suit read.
At the time of the filing, Highley said there was a pending temporary domestic violence injunction against Kemp, keeping her from entering the property. However, he said Wright kept entering the home to “steal and destroy items” and harass Hghley’s elderly stepparent.
Highley said the defendants did not pay rent and he wanted them out. He accused Kemp and Wright of being “abusive both physically and mentally” on several occasions. He sued Kemp along with Ross’ son demanding they be evicted.
Kemp and Wright filed a response — without Roberts III — denying all allegations of wrongdoing. They said they vacated the property in July after the police were called out.
On October 6, the parties finally reached a deal where the civil lawsuit was dropped. They agreed to not step foot on the property and all personal items will be returned.