Thursday, November 11, 2021

Terrence J Shot at in Follow Home Robbery

Actor Terrence J was followed home by armed robbers...

It was a tense situation early Wednesday at the San Fernando Valley home of actor and former BET host Terrence Jenkins, better known as "Terrence J."
The real-life drama played out on the streets of Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, just before 3 a.m., according to police. Jenkins and a passenger were returning from Hollywood and pulled up to his home when they suddenly found themselves blocked in by an SUV filled with masked men, police said.
One of them ordered the actor out of the car at gunpoint but Jenkins managed to drive off, police said. The suspects followed — and at least one began shooting at Jenkins’ vehicle, according to police. No injuries were reported.
When Jenkins spotted a California Highway Patrol car, he flagged police down for help.
Meanwhile, fearing more suspects could be inside the home, Los Angeles Police Department officers moved quickly to clear the house. No suspects were found and a woman inside was unhurt.


Unknown said...

Terrence J has had a lot of suspicious criminal activities as of late. Whatever happened to the dispute in his car, or someone stole his car? And now, a car full of masked men shooting at him? Terrence ain't that high of a profile celebrity to warrant the risk - unless it was drug related. It seems like him and Ray J stay with some money, fame, and questionable women...perhaps that's why the young woman inside was unharmed...

Anonymous said...

He likes the lime light. So you have to pay the piper.

Your right 10:38 hes not a high-profile entertainer but hes a vulnerable one.

The King Of The Real said...

He need to watch his back its clear they are gunning for him

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