Thursday, November 11, 2021

Lisa Bonet's Husband Caught Creeping?

Spywitnesses claim Lisa Bonet's husband, actor Jason Momoa, was spotted leaving a party with a mystery woman at 3am...
The 41-year-old action star was invited to the afterparty for Lady Gaga's film House Of Gucci. While the pop star and her co-star Jared Leto avoided the event, Momoa made sure to celebrate enough for all of them.
In photos, Momoa is seen leaving the spot while holding on to a friend as he walked to a car. The actor noticed the paparazzi and made sure to give them a show.
Momoa stuck out his tongue and posed for the camera as he appeared to struggle to maintain his balance. He was accompanied by a female companion and was seen whispering in her ear at one point.
The walk to the car was difficult for Momoa who almost lost his slide-on shoes.
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