Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Azealia Banks Claims Former Manager Sexualized their Relationship

Last year Harlem rapper Azealia Banks publicly begged rapper Ice Cube to persuade his business partner, Jeff Kwatinetz, to relinquish the royalties from her debut album 'Broke with Expensive Taste' which resulted in Kwatienetz filing a restraining order against AB and suing her for libel [click here and here if you missed that].' 

In legal docs from the case Azealia claims Kwatinetz sexualized their relationship then took advantage of her...

From Yahoo 

In new paperwork obtained by Rolling Stone, Banks says Jeff Kwatinetz was 49 years old and single when he presided over an “egregious” dealmaking process in 2014 that gave his company a 15-year license to her album Broke with Expensive Taste – an album she already owned that had been produced and paid for by another record company, according to her recent filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
“[Kwatinetz] attempted to control and manipulate Banks so he could eventually steal from her, by charming the 23-year-old from Harlem and attempting to convince her that he loved her,” her filing states. “He would repeatedly tell her in e-mails that he loved her, had sleepovers with her and sent her gifts.”
The “212” artist claims Kwatinetz engaged in “blurring the lines between a fiduciary and a romantic suitor so that he could take financial advantage” of her. 
Banks is counter-suing Kwatinetz with claims of breach of contract and fraud.