Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Did Kanye West's Marriage Prayer Work?

Last month during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend Kanye West prayed publicly multiple times asking that his marriage to Kim Kardashian be restored [click here if you missed that]. 

Did Yeezy's prayer work...? 

Only time will tell, but KimYe were spotted arriving and leaving together for Virgil Abloh's funeral service in Chicago on Monday. 

On Tuesday Kim thanked Kanye for introducing her to the fashion world during her acceptance speech  after receiving the Fashion Icon Award at the 2021 People's Choice. 

Coincidentally Kim's rumored new boo, comedian Pete Davidson, was spotted solo on the red carpet this week. 


Unknown said...

Lol I guess reality hit Kim like a bag of bricks.

The reality being that 1. She's over 40 2. The media doesn't care about her unless there's a celebrity black dick involved 3. She realized that Kanye is the biggest black male star she will ever have.

I guess she's gonna bid her time until a new crop of black athletes enter the entertainment industry lol smh. Unless, she plans to befriend Adele and take that wealthy black dick from her...

Adele, gurrrl, you in best fasten that grip on your black Kang!

CaptainRoastAHo said...

You can always tell when a celebrity breaks up, they always snatch their pictures down from social media, I don't see a trace of Pete Davidson anywhere on her IG anymore, she recently had pics of them together with Flava Flav and their mom Kriss Jenner, they all had matching pajamas, now the pics are gone.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:55
3. She realized that Kanye is the biggest black male star she will ever have.

Anonymous said...

She knows better it is 2021 whoooooo is signing up for that Krazy Kanye aftermath smoke. Note aint nobody talking bout Pete or believing that bs so .... back to knowing this shit not gon work but for the sake of business here they go.

The King Of The Real said...

He taking his ass to counseling

Anonymous said...

I doubt it..she looks happy to be rid of crazy & her body language in that pic at Virgil's LV event.

Kim walking that fine line very carefully with crazy!

R in NYC said...

Koonye and his black magic will not get the ho back. Kim is free to return to the ho brigade.

Anonymous said...

That picture looks like it should say, "Damaged Goods", beneath it.

Cherry regular said...

Damn ye looked good back then ..I realized these ngas be getting plastic surgery too!

T said...

YE betta watch it that family will make it seem like he overdosed and he will be gone from this earth.

Kims dumpy ass will be a widow.

I put nothing pass that Mama WITCH.

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