Monday, December 06, 2021

Lil Wayne Accused of Pulling an Assault Rifle on His Security Guard

Rapper Lil Wayne is under investigation for pulling an AR-15 assault rifle on his security guard...

According to reports Lil Wayne and one of his security guards got into a physical altercation at his home in Hidden Hills, CA after Weezy accused the guard of taking pictures and selling them to the media. 

After the confrontation Wayne the told the guard to get out, but instead of leaving he went to the bathroom first and that's when Weezy allegedly lost it and pulled out his assault rifle. The guard ran from the house and called the police from the guard shack at the front of the gated community where Wayne lives, but the rapper was gone by the time they arrived. 

The guard has said he does not want to press charges, but the investigation is ongoing.