Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Richard Williams' Daughter Became Suicidal After He Abandoned Their Family

Last month Venus and Serena Williams' secret half sister, Sabrina, came forward to dispute the portrayal of their father, Richard Williams, in the new biopic, 'King Richard,' starring Will Smith [click here if you missed that]. 

Sabrina continues to speak out, claiming she suffered from an eating disorder and had suicidal thoughts after Williams abandoned his first family when she was eight years old..

From The Sun
SERENA Williams' half-sister - part of her father's 'secret first family' ignored by the movie makers of King Richard - says she was suicidal and suffered with a crippling eating disorder after he abandoned her.
Richard Williams, 79, walked out on daughter Sabrina and her siblings when she was only eight years old, telling her he was going to buy her a bicycle before never returning to the family home.
In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said: "I want to share my story, I can get the message out there about mental health.
"For me, trying to kill myself or having suicidal thoughts when I was younger, I'm not crazy, I'm healthy.
"Mental health is something I really struggled with, as I was growing up, from ten years old.
"I just felt like I couldn't relate to any of the other kids because they had a mom and a dad, and at that time, you didn't see many parents who were divorced.
In Richard's absence, Sabrina's mom Betty had to look after six kids, including one from a previous relationship, who went from "having food to no food," which his daughter says led to an eating disorder.
"When I got towards 14, I really started to struggle with my mental health," she revealed to The Sun.
"I found myself hoarding food. We had gone from having food to not having food, it was really scarce," adding they mostly lived on beans and rice....


Alma's Daughter said...

I’m usually here for Venus and Serena but they need to take care of this. I hope they give Richard’s people some coins. If they don’t then “news” organizations like The Sun, Daily Mail, and anything owned by Rupert Murdoch will exploit the phuk out his children just to bring down the Williams family. His children don’t have anything to lose because they aren’t in anyone’s will. Most uber-rich white people don’t have these problems because most of them are smart enough to pay off family members. King Richard, indeed.

T said...

This sister already has gone to most of the media about this story, I found several articles by ust goggling..this is Richard's issue NOT the Williams sister's.

Richard has money and when he dies, THEY should get everything, his first family.

The sisters did pay for their half sister's funeral who was murdered several yrs back. They also hired private investigators to try to find out who committed the murder of their half sister..

Anonymous said...

The sister needs to stfu and stop ramming this story down our throats. This happens to family's all over the world. Why are you special? See a shrink.

johnsvillegal said...

@12:53 I agree. If not for her sisters' fame this is a non story. I believe that she suffered. Talk to any child whose parents divorced or one parent left, they still have some emotional residue. But you have to move on. What I have found is that when mess up and hurt people, most are truly sorry and regret the fall out and the pain. Her dad knows that he didn't do right. On the flip side, we don't know if he felt he had no choice. Some households/relationships are very toxic and sometimes exiting ungraciously may be all they have.

The William Sisters owe this sister nothing. Not even to make her go away. Their story is their story. Their dad is and was an integral part of their success-warts and all. That's most of our stories. We don't and didn't have perfect parents.

This young lady doesn't want a relationship. She wants to shame and hurt them like she has been hurt.

ms mac said...

I wonder if Richard ever tried to reconcile with his other children or showed any remorse for leaving them behind. If you have to end a relationship and young kids are involved, why make them suffer too? I'm sure he had many opportunities after they became grown to try and explain his side of the story. But if he never attempted to rectify the situation it makes sense why she still seems so bitter. I don't know if she'll ever get whatever it is she's seeking but good luck to her.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina's issue is not with the sisters, but with their father.

Venus & Serena saw one side of Richard, and that is the story they have told in the movie.

However, the other ugly side is a part of the story, even if not a part of the movie.

Just imagine for a moment that your father, who left your mother, you and your siblings to starve, is being lauded as an example of fatherhood, protector and provider and the supreme man of sacrifice for the betterment of his daughters

She is exposing him as she should.

Richard sacrificed his first family and children in order to empower and enrich his second family is the bottom line.

The child support he failed to pay for his 1st set of children who, by the way were starving, was applied to financial support of his two new golden geese.

It is left up to Venus & Serena how they deal with their older sibling.

However, knowing that my father took food out of this young woman's mouth in order to enrich them would be more than I could bear, I know that this is the father's mess, but how can you benefit from your siblings unwilling sacrifice and not feel compelled to help them in some way?

I'm not saying put them in mansions, but I could see providing mental health services, and making sure that they had the simple basics (basic shelter & food). But that is just me, if I were wealthy.


Yet another person searching for fame off two people who don't owe her anything. Perhaps she should try to be a sister and loving person towards the tennis pros. Other than that, your issue is with Richard. But millions of families break up every year. I'm sorry you had a hard time but after a certain age, deal with it or suffer from it for the rest of your life!!!

TheBarberLady said...

Venus and Serena don't owe her or any of their half siblings shit. Nothing. RW was doing him and that's a shame but it's not their responsibility. How many people in this world have "outside" kids? Too damn many to count but is that even the case here when him and Oracene were legally married. And if they start trying to make up for this mistake that occurred before they were born, when does it stop? How many hurt feelings are they supposed to fix? Article doesn't say how old the sister is but she is at least 8 years older than her sisters. V & S been famous for a minute. Why is sis just bringing this to the table? Why didn't she put Richard on blast while he was still able to be part of the discussion? Cause she wants some shine too.

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