Sunday, November 28, 2021

Venus and Serena Half Sister Slams King Richard Movie

The new Will Smith movie 'King Richard', a biopic about tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams' father coaching them to superstardom, opened in theaters nationwide last week. 

Now one of Richard Williams' daughters from his first marriage speaks out about him leaving his family to starve while he moved on and created a new family with his second wife, Venus and Serena's mother Oracence...

From The Sun
"It's a comedy, no?" [Sabrina Williams] scoffed when speaking to The Sun. "How can you make a movie by telling half the story?
"It suddenly starts with dad and his new wife Oracene and their children. It's like nothing happened before.
Since [Richard Williams] walked out on Sabrina, 57, and her siblings, she has seen her father just a handful of times.
She alleges he also snubbed the family during the worst times in her life – including when her mother was battling cancer in 1998 and couldn’t afford vital medical care before she died.
“My sister Reneeka was a baby eight weeks old when my dad left,” she said.
“How do you leave a baby? I was eight years old, and he left under the pretense ‘I’m gonna get you a bike?’ I can laugh about it now.
“I don’t think it should have taken up the whole movie, but, to give the movie some more credibility, at least reference it, as he left us when he was a grown man. Does anyone believe this story? Wow, really, it’s all there on Google.
“I get it, every movie is slightly economical with the truth, but because it’s Venus and Serena, nobody is going to put anything bad about them, or make it seem like they were part of something bad.
“Truth be told, those girls rose to the top while his other children had to suffer because of the choices my dad made, we were raised in poverty after he left.