Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Richard Williams' Daughter Became Suicidal After He Abandoned Their Family

Last month Venus and Serena Williams' secret half sister, Sabrina, came forward to dispute the portrayal of their father, Richard Williams, in the new biopic, 'King Richard,' starring Will Smith [click here if you missed that]. 

Sabrina continues to speak out, claiming she suffered from an eating disorder and had suicidal thoughts after Williams abandoned his first family when she was eight years old..

From The Sun
SERENA Williams' half-sister - part of her father's 'secret first family' ignored by the movie makers of King Richard - says she was suicidal and suffered with a crippling eating disorder after he abandoned her.
Richard Williams, 79, walked out on daughter Sabrina and her siblings when she was only eight years old, telling her he was going to buy her a bicycle before never returning to the family home.
In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said: "I want to share my story, I can get the message out there about mental health.
"For me, trying to kill myself or having suicidal thoughts when I was younger, I'm not crazy, I'm healthy.
"Mental health is something I really struggled with, as I was growing up, from ten years old.
"I just felt like I couldn't relate to any of the other kids because they had a mom and a dad, and at that time, you didn't see many parents who were divorced.
In Richard's absence, Sabrina's mom Betty had to look after six kids, including one from a previous relationship, who went from "having food to no food," which his daughter says led to an eating disorder.
"When I got towards 14, I really started to struggle with my mental health," she revealed to The Sun.
"I found myself hoarding food. We had gone from having food to not having food, it was really scarce," adding they mostly lived on beans and rice....