Monday, January 10, 2022

Cuban Doll Claims She was Paid to Clear Offset's Name

Three years ago Houston rapper Cuban Doll publicly claimed she had never met Cardi B's husband Offset after video vixen Summer Bunny leaked text messages appearing to show her setting up threesome with Cuban and Offset  [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Cuban says she was paid to say that...

It all started after Cardi and Cuban got into a war of words over the weekend after Cuban rejected Bardi Gang accusations of her copying Cardi's cheetah print aesthetic in the video for her new single. 


Anonymous said...

I lost 3 brain cells trying to read, follow & comprehend that shit. How is it that wrappers are illiterate? Yea they "wrappers" not rappers, thanks auto correct ��

Anonymous said...

dont believe NOTHING coming out about Cardi B UNLESS you see a video of her saying something herself.

I dont particularly like Cardi B because of her horrible influence on the already damaged black youth.

However......Cardi B recently posed a question on her twitter about "are blacks & hispanics CURSED by God?" (which they are, they are just too Dumb to realize it)

Now the PTB ALWAYS come for any celeb that tries to "Wake Up" our people, so for that reason any Negative News coming out about Cardi B this year will be a direct warning/attack from the PTB to keep her in her place

You best believe that the Elites of that cave-demon race don't want you Blacks & Hispanics to Wake Up.....they want you to serve the same Judgment coming to them

You Blacks & Hispanics that know what's good for your soul better WAKE UP

Anonymous said...

This was a wasted post. Who cares?

Ramon said...

3:44 Yall dumb. Believing Black people are cursed, which means yt people are blessed?!? Nah, black people reading the bible, which has been changed several times, and ignoring what our people used to do honor the land and our ancestors.

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