Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jimmy Henchman Hoping for Hail Mary Prison Release

Former Czar Entertainment CEO James 'Jimmy Henchman' Rosemond, is hoping to be home from prison soon, after a promise from Donald Trump to commute his sentence....

In 2015 Jimmy Henchman was ordered to serve nine life sentences after he was convicted of running an interstate drug ring and ordering the murder of rapper 50 Cent associate, Lowell "Lodi Mac" Fletcher, for smacking his 14-year-old son during the infamous beef between 50 Cent and rapper Game [click here if you missed that]. 

Now, according to reports, Henchman has filed for a writ of habeas corpus after retired football player Jim Brown and his wife Monique submitted sworn declarations that Donald Trump agreed to pardon Roseman, despite his name not appearing on the official clemency list. 

After a recent ruling [Jan 19]  Jimmy Henchman was allowed to move forward and now the warden must respond in 28 days. 


Gg57 said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Meg the Stallion has a better chance at winning a Stellar Award.

Hang it up Jimmy

The King Of The Real said...

Its over Jimmy, i dont see no red hat on

Anonymous said...

Dump lied. Get over it.
I surprised at Jim Brown. He advocates for nonviolence with the LA gangs.

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