Monday, January 24, 2022

Netflix Doc Digs Deep into Kanye West's Mental Health

Over the weekend Kanye West demanded access to the editing room for his Netflix documentary 'Jeen-Yhus [click here if you missed that].' 

Now we know why... 

According to reports the end of the doc includes Kanye ranting incoherently about his bi-polar medication. 

Review From Deadline
Act III has an increasing reliance on news and TV footage, but it zips past most of the headlines to focus on the rare moments that Coodie reunites with Kanye, such as in the run up to his presidential campaign in 2020. There’s a disturbing scene where Kanye rants almost incoherently during a meeting, referring to bipolar medication. Coodie explains that he ended up turning the camera off as he felt uncomfortable filming this, making its inclusion rather ironic. But the filmmaker still comes across as sincere in his affection. “He always seemed to be in his best spirits when he was creating,” he says of his friend, and there’s love in his voice, albeit with a hint of wounded abandonment.