Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pete Rock Suing Nas Over Illmatic

Music producer Pete Rock suing rapper Nas over royalties from Nas' Hip Hop classic 'Illmatic...' 

Groundbreaking hip-hop producer Pete Rock says that Nas hasn’t paid him a cent in royalties for his work on the rapper’s era-defining double-platinum album “Illmatic” — and he’s finally gearing up to sue, Page Six is told.
Rock and his attorneys claim that the Queens rapper — nĂ© Nasir Jones — signed a contract that would allow the producer a cut of the proceeds from the classic track “The World Is Yours,” a total that’s now in the millions of dollars.
And we’re told that lawyers for Rock — who has produced classics for A Tribe Called Quest and Gang Starr, among many others — have repeatedly demanded that Nas honor the alleged deal, to no avail.


Anonymous said...

30 years later?!

Anonymous said...

I would never in a trillion yrs wait that long to sue. Where have you been and what are you smoking that you are just now waking up to your unpaid coins? Nas pass him another blunt.

Anonymous said...

30 years or not my money is my money yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Run me that.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Peter Rock.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes an artist will wait until a substantial amount of revenue has been made before they sue. Prince waited until Arrested Development's Tennessee went platinum before he sued for his voice sample.

Anonymous said...

Pay him Nas.

Indi_flo said...

Pete Rock make the beat rock..
Such a nice fellow

Anonymous said...

Cats forget that Nas first baby moms Carmen was fucking Pete Rock. Yes she was smashing Jay-Z too.

So I can see why Nas may have issue, but the mans owed a debt and all debts must be paid in FULL!

It's kinda of fd up , but money is money!

HurricaneT1992 said...

Who's world is this???
Pete Rock: it damn sure isn't yours anymore of I dont get my money

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