Monday, January 17, 2022

Porsha's Family Matters Ends on a Bad Note

Two weeks ago former Real Housewives of Atlanta fan favorite Porsha Williams warned fans that her spin-off show, "Porsha's Family Matters" portrayed her in a bad light and stopped promoting the show [click here if you missed that]. 

Last night the series finale ended on a horrible note...

First, the series was supposed to run for 9 episodes but was cut down to 7 after Porsha upset producers by telling her family NOT to address the incident where she appeared to physically attack her ex, Dennis McKinley and his mother. 

Then Porsha's Aunt Liz, who is the daughter of the late Civil Rights leader Hosea Williams, sat down with Dennis and told him what a great dad he is for Pilar and also confirmed that he was not the instigator of the violence on the Mexico trip, basically throwing Porsha under the bus. 

Aunt Liz also said Dennis needs to meet the REAL Williams family, implying Porsha and her mother were not well liked by the rest of the family. 

In another bad look for Porsha her fiancĂ© Simon Guobadia confronted Aunt Liz at the ribbon cutting for the Hosea Helps new headquarters telling her that she needs to show more respect for Porsha because she is Hosea Williams' granddaughter. 

Later when Porsha's cousin Londie confronted Porsha asking if it were true that she fired Londie as her personal assistant, but let her believe it was Dennis, we watched as Porsha gaslit Londie instead of answering the question and then stormed off set, while still mic'd up, and could be clearly heard trashing her family for being so needy. 

Lastly, Porsha and Dennis' final meeting went horribly wrong after she tried to dictate where Pilar would attend school, without any input from Dennis, who said he would let the courts decide, trigging Porsha to end the final scene abruptly.