Monday, January 24, 2022

Princess Love and Ray J Almost Officially Divorced

Over the weekend Ray J was on social media requesting sexy pics from women in a contest to win a 'platonic' date with him. 

Also this weekend Ray J's wife Princess Love announced they are absolutely still headed for divorce...

Princess also added that their divorce would be final in August 2022. 


Anonymous said...

LOLOL what else would you expect from him. Some of these male celebrities and stars are not worthy of being married with offspring and will always belong to the streets. Thots make them feel like 17yr old players instead of the bums they really are. Just like Tinker Bell says, I will never grow up.

R in NYC said...

He needs to grow up. Fuckbois are played out. Any woman still entertaining men like him have low standards and expectations. Let's do better in 2022.

Monique said...

Princess was a sidechick for so long with Mayweather. When she got with Ray she was just to damn NEEDY. THEY HAVING BABIES THINKING RAY WAS GOING TO CHANGE. CHILE YOU CAN CHANGE A DOG🤣🤣

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