Friday, January 28, 2022

Tasha K Denies Lying on Cardi B

This week Youtube vlogger Tasha K was ordered to pay rapper Cardi B $4 million in damages after she was found guilty on all counts in the defamation of character lawsuit Cardi filed after Tasha repeatedly claimed that Cardi was a drug addicted prostitute with herpes  [click here if you missed that]. 

Tasha, who called the verdict very prejudicial [click here if you missed that], now denies admitting she lied under oath...

In an addendum to her initial statement Tasha now claims every report from the court room was a lie and she never admitting lying on Cardi B. Tasha encourages everyone to read the court transcripts when they become available. 

Meanwhile, former winos have dug up old videos of Tasha admitting she knew her slanderous claims about Cardi B weren't true, but she didn't care because she wanted to go viral, and revealing that Cardi reached out to her privately to settle the matter before taking the case to trial.

And then there's this