Thursday, January 06, 2022

Tiny Reacts to Shekinah's Latest Rant?

This week Xscape singer Tiny Harris' former best friend and hair stylist, Shekinah Jo, lashed out at Tiny and her husband T.I. accusing Tiny of sabotaging several of her business ventures and T.I. of treating her like trash [click here if you missed that]. 

Did Tiny respond to Shekinah's accusations...?

Sure looks like it. 

After Shekinah's rant went viral Tiny posted this on Instagram stories.


Anonymous said...

so she took off her braces and got chicklet veneers.


Anonymous said...

I am sifting through all the controversial smoke of TI & Tiny in the last few years. There is some truth in the clouds. Ms Cleo told me that from the grave. LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Tiny & TI true colors are being exposed year after year and I'm glad. They are trash.

I have one question, what is Shekinah eating because she would probably look so much better if she stopped eating garbage, worked out and lost weight.

FlyGemini said...

@3:31AM-I remember she was on The Real a few years ago and she stated she doesn't go to the gym, she gets lipo when she needs to lose weight. I suspect thats what all those ATL chicks do, that's why they all look swole with a "snatched" waist. People are just lazy asf...veneers instead of braces, BBL instead of going to the gym and eating right, lacefronts instead of taking care of their own hair. SMH

Anonymous said...

If Shekinah Jo handled herself in a more professional way, she would not get dawged out. She was too thirsty for the limelight. So, they used her and dragged her along until they go tired of her.
She acts, talks and looks like a Bama.

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