Thursday, January 13, 2022

Wendy Williams Strips Naked During Psychiatric Episode?

Last year daytime talk show host Wendy Williams essentially walked away from her show after pushing her season 13 premier date back several times and then hiring a revolving door of guest hosts to cover for her while she recovers from a host of ailments [click here if you missed that]. 

Now insiders have revealed a shocking secret about Wendy's recovery...

From The Sun
In May 2020, the host hit a particularly rough spot with her addiction issues, the insiders said.
Just before the host's team claimed she was hospitalized for Graves' disease that month, Wendy experienced a disturbing incident with a handful of people present as she was working from home.
According to sources, Wendy’s manager was summoned to her penthouse apartment after she had appeared unwell during a Zoom show taping earlier in the week.
Her manager and a small group of confidants arrived to the host’s home to lend support to the struggling talk show queen.
According to multiple sources, Wendy had stripped naked in her room and was touching herself in a sexual manner while shouting vulgar comments.
The eyewitnesses looked on in horror, and immediately called healthcare workers.
After medical personnel arrived at the home, Wendy allegedly grew more aggressive.
The host was eventually taken to the hospital, where she would remain for weeks.