Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wendy Williams Vowing to Fire Entire Staff?

Insiders claim Wendy Williams wants an entirely new staff before she will come back to work...

From The Sun
Wendy, 57, believes her staff have turned on her by gossiping about her during the star's absence, according to an insider at The Wendy Williams Show.
The source exclusively revealed to The Sun: “Wendy believes the staff have all betrayed her and if she comes back, she wants to completely clean house. She actually wants to fire the whole staff.”
The insider said that the ailing daytime talk show host has grown increasingly paranoid about what the show's team has been saying about her during her months-long hiatus.
“She is paranoid about the staff gossiping about her and delusional in the idea that that cleaning house could even happen.
"It's like she's trying to hold people hostage- and is saying I will only return if everyone is fired, but there is no way it could or would happen.”