Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Azealia Banks Drags Former Friend Julia Fox

Harlem rapper Azealia Banks e-fights with Kanye West's most recent ex Julia Fox...

It at started after Azealia commented on Julia's denial of media reports that she was heartbroken after  Kanye dumped her, and everything went left after that. 


Anonymous said...

LOL...Julia said she know how to fight

Anonymous said...

Azealia Banks will read a mf to filfth ��

Anonymous said...

Omg this is piping hot tea and I'm here for it!

rksu747 said...

I'm confused. Azealia Banks is attacking her because why? So there was no conflict, she just felt like backstabbing and betraying her friend?

Answer me this, why is it that Azealia Banks keeps having hookers and crackheads for friends? Birds of a feather, perhaps? Banks can't get any attention for her music and as unfair as it may be, all she is really known for is one online feud after the next. She's not an artist, she's a troll.

Julia Fox might be an addict and was looking for a come up, but what makes Azealia any different? She seems mad that this woman got international press for a month and a burkin, when she can hardly pay her rent.

I think what makes Azealia Banks so sad is that she acts like the people she hangs out with are losers and beneath her, but if she actually thought well of herself, she wouldn't keep picking friends that she can turn around demean. Azealia Banks is a bum and I think she knows it deep down.

Alma's Daughter said...

You ain’t confused. Azeilia is draggin’ Julia Fox like only Azeilia can. I’ont know why she keeps junkies for friends. Ask Julia who is probably the biggest junkie Azeilia knows.

Banks keeps receipts and ain’t sh!t you can say that can put a dent in her arrows.

Be careful or she may come for you next time.

R in NYC said...

AB turns on everyone even her own mother.

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