Thursday, February 10, 2022

Dave Chapelle Shuts Down Affordable Housing Opposition Reports

Dave Chapelle sets the record straight after an out of context video of him threatening to withhold development funds goes viral...

Last night video of Dave Chapelle angrily announcing at a Yellow Springs City Council meeting that he would withdraw his pledge of $56 million was posted on social media along with claims that Dave did NOT want affordable housing in his neighborhood. 

Dave Chapelle explains the REAL reason for his threat. 
'Dave Chappelle didn't kill affordable housing. Concerned residents and a responding Village Council 'killed' a half-baked plan which never actually offered affordable housing,' Chappelle's publicist said in a statement.
At issue is a significant new $39 million housing development that has divided the village - but far from being an affordable housing plan, Chappelle says only three lots out of 143 are devoted to 'future' affordable housing.
Chappelle, who is worth an estimated $50 million, lives on the outskirts of Yellow Springs on a 39-acre farm in a three-bedroom home which he bought for $690,000 in 2015. His property is right next to the proposed development.