Saturday, February 26, 2022

Houston Rapper Rescues Lost Baby

Houston rapper Sancho Saucy rescues shoeless 2-year-old wandering the streets alone...

Sancho live streamed the incident as it happened and then shared the video with his followers while he waited for someone to come looking for a lost baby. 

After the child's alleged mother showed up Sancho refused to have over the child until she could prove it was her, but ultimately waited for the police to arrive. 


Anonymous said...

Now this is something I would like to have an update on. What happened to the child with the horrendous scars and fake tear mother?
That child maybe the daughters. I just can't see that old withered up mother and crypt keeper father having any newborn. I noticed the child stayed with SS and didn't let go. This is a sad state of affairs.

The King Of The Real said...

this is sad and worsehe really should follow upp

Anonymous said...

So in the midst of being a Good Samaritan he had time to stash his work or his weapon and then retrieve it afterwards?
Make it make sense people.

Felicia said...

@9:30 and his child as well in the car. That kept wanting his attention.

Anonymous said...

Pls keep us updated.

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