Wednesday, February 09, 2022

India Arie Accepts Joe Rogan's Apology - Still Wants to Address the Pay Gap

Last week R&B singer India Aire announced she was removing her music from Spotify in protest of the minuscule amount of money recording artists make vs the $100 million Spotify pays Joe Rogan, after a montage of Rogan using the n-word with the hard -er on his podcast went viral [click here if you missed that]. 

Now that Joe has apologized, India is ready to move on to the real issue, the pay gap...

In an interview with Don Lemon India Arie said Joe Rogan's apology was everything it needed to be, that she didn't believe he was racist or needed to be canceled and that his acknowledgment that the n-word wasn't his to use really stuck with her. 

After that, India was clear in that her grievance is with Spotify and how music streams are calculated and how artists are paid.