Friday, February 18, 2022

Jesse Williams Ex Wife Accuses Him of Hiding Dog Attack

Actor Jesse Williams child custody battle with his ex-wife Aryn Drake Lee has become increasingly bitter [click here if you missed that] and now Aryn has accused Jesse of hiding a vicious dog attack from her...

As we first reported, Aryn recently went back to court demanding Jesse be stripped of joint physical custody. She believes he only deserves visitation due to his alleged increasingly erratic behavior, firing their longtime nanny and his inability to stick to days he planned with the kids.
She points out Jesse is currently living in New York while he is on Broadway for the next 6 months. Jesse is asking the court to allow the kids to travel across the country once per month for five days and miss school to spend time with him.
Aryn says he is insisting on this “in the middle of a global pandemic.” She is objecting to the kids traveling across the country claiming they will miss school and risk getting sick. Further, she says they would just spend most of the time with Jesse’s hired caregiver or girlfriend.
In her motion, she also brings up an alleged “violent dog bite while Jesse was at work.” She claims “when this incident occurred he not only hid it from me, but he also did not contact” their daughter’s regular healthcare providers.
Aryn says when he did “finally” make her aware, he “shared very limited and incomplete information with me.”