Friday, February 18, 2022

Jesse Williams Ex Wife Accuses Him of Hiding Dog Attack

Actor Jesse Williams child custody battle with his ex-wife Aryn Drake Lee has become increasingly bitter [click here if you missed that] and now Aryn has accused Jesse of hiding a vicious dog attack from her...

As we first reported, Aryn recently went back to court demanding Jesse be stripped of joint physical custody. She believes he only deserves visitation due to his alleged increasingly erratic behavior, firing their longtime nanny and his inability to stick to days he planned with the kids.
She points out Jesse is currently living in New York while he is on Broadway for the next 6 months. Jesse is asking the court to allow the kids to travel across the country once per month for five days and miss school to spend time with him.
Aryn says he is insisting on this “in the middle of a global pandemic.” She is objecting to the kids traveling across the country claiming they will miss school and risk getting sick. Further, she says they would just spend most of the time with Jesse’s hired caregiver or girlfriend.
In her motion, she also brings up an alleged “violent dog bite while Jesse was at work.” She claims “when this incident occurred he not only hid it from me, but he also did not contact” their daughter’s regular healthcare providers.
Aryn says when he did “finally” make her aware, he “shared very limited and incomplete information with me.”


Unknown said...

Girl, let it go.

If y'all were still together, how would you ensure that he spent time with kids? I bet if they were still together, she would have zero problem with traveling across the country, in the middle of a pandemic, with the kids to see him. I believe, Aryn, is only making an issue of these things because she's bitter about being left for a younger, more attractive, woman. I hope Aryn finds peace and sanity, cause these types of power plays out of spite isn't a good look. Smh.

Anonymous said...

If they were still togetger, she would be living with him in his place in New York with their children and they still wouldn't have to travel across country monthly. He should come to them once a month. Makes more sense.

Unknown said...


It doesn't make sense because most kids are learning remotely because of the pandemic. So honestly the kids could just take classes online on either coasts while spending time with their father.

I just hate how women try to make this argument that fathers should get less visitation because the kids aren't directly being supervised by them. Like, so what lol. I'm sure when Aryn has custody she isn't spending 24/7 with those kids. And if she is, it's because she doesn't have a life, career, or any way of supporting herself without Jesse's money. It's her petty vindictive way of trying to force control over Jesse because he left her feeling powerless and weak. But Aryn needs to find some peace and sanity. Not just for herself but for her kids. Smh cause in the end the kids are only going to grow up to hate and resent her - not their father.

Anonymous said...

Does she want him to quit his job in New York so he can see his kids or does she want him to not see his kids at all? I don't understand what her end game is. She's still so upset about this divorce but she should move on because this makes her look bitter and unhinged.

Anonymous said...

She needs to work on herself mentally and physically. Broadway has two shows a day. When will he have time to spend with them? It's good that he wants to see them though. Nothing like Futures trifling a$$.

Anon said...

Hell, she looks like a temp fill until he got on in Hollywood.

She should have known she couldn't keep him.

He was outta her league

R in NYC said...

What a mess. Aryn sounds really controlling.

Anonymous said...

Just like there was once a narrative of the absent father, the war has now often come back to the mother. Why would I allow my kids to miss school for 5 days each month. I work in education and I know how that correlates to their successes in school. I would understand weekend visits or him coming to see her. And that first comment on this thread is ignorant. If they were together, she probably would be able to come and supervise the kids herself. Or he would meet her half way. He is also always changing dates and then reversing plans. Consistency is not only paramount to a healthy upbringing, it makes custodial issues more seamless. And most schools are not remote anymore, so unless he is paying for additional educational supports outside of what his kids already need, it's completely self serving and not about them. And even if he was doing that, consistency again is key.

Lili said...


You know, the dynamics of attraction, looks and perception are a touchy subject for many, especially us women, but this is a real thing that isn't discussed enough. What's inside is most important- FULL STOP. But MOST people give in to their carnal desires and fall in line with what is considered acceptable by society.

In a perfect world, a man who is pursuing a career and has a wife who loves and believes in him enough to be the breadwinner until he achieves his dream would reward her with life-long commitment and fidelity. Because she's been a strong, dutiful and faithful wife.

But, in the REAL world, most people (in this case, men) aren't built that way. That is a handsome, charismatic man who found a woman who was willing to "build". When he made it, he entered a superficial world filled with younger versions of her. A man of stronger character wouldn't have left her. There are examples of older Black men in Hollywood who didn't fall for the facade. I'm not saying whether I believe they were always faithful, but they kept their families together. They didn't drop their "day one" for some new girl.

The truth is most men are only as faithful as their options. She believed her good-looking man, who was trying to break into a superficial field/world, was too much of an intellectual to be sucked into wanting the younger, pretty girls. MOST MEN WOULD FAIL THE TEST IF THEY WERE THRUST INTO THAT WORLD!
THAT is what most girls aren't taught. This is why it's easier to date when you're young and cute. That's the time we have to evaluate the character of the men approaching us. That's also the time to look our best so we attract men who want to provide. Not the men who want to get married, change careers and expect us to handle the full load!!! You see he didn't try that with a slim and trim hot girl, because a woman attracting successful men wouldn't fall for that game. THIS is what women talk about when they say "build with a man". He dropped her when he made it.

Erin, unfortunately, attracted a guy who quit his career to pursue a new career, let her be the breadwinner, and left once he really "made-it".

I hate seeing stuff like this. But if you are honest, she looks nothing like the women he's dating now that he has money and is settled in his field. He switched it up when he "made it". A lot of times we don't get rewarded for "holding it down".

People are not honest with their children about how superficial people are. If she REALLY wanted to make her regular -turned- Hollywood marriage work (longer), she needed to use his money for a complete makeover. Personal trainers, personal chef, nutritionist, routine hair, make-up, nail, spa appointments- EVERYTHING. Hell, regular women do this stuff as college-girls and career women. I don't understand how she didn't attempt to do at least SOME of that?! And don't get me wrong, he's an ass and they would've split anyway, but I promise she wouldn't be lashing out like this because she'd be too busy maintaining her life and fielding offers from other suitors. She's a mixed woman who would actually benefit from the current climate we're in. LOL

Are there principled men out there? Sure! Have several in my family. However, have I also dated super-successful brothas who made it clear that they wanted to get married because they knew I'd give them "pretty kids"? Yep. Doesn't mean you need to settle down with that kind of guy, but it's important to be aware of what REALLY attracts the opposite sex. Just because a man is married doesn't mean he is devoted and will stay.

In a nutshell, @11:11AM, yea. You are right.

Anonymous said...

When supporting a brotha until he gets rich and famous goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

She keeping her foot on his neck since the day he renigged.

GA Peach said...

It's clear that pretty much no one commenting has kids. I would absolutely have a problem with my children missing one week a month of school per month from school.

Do you know how far behind they will fall? Do you realize that legally you can be in trouble because of excessive absences?

If he wants to see them for a week every month, then he needs to fly back himself.

Lili said...

@ GA Peach
You're right, we completely glossed over that issue. I think we can agree that he seems unreasonable, but he's also the parent with a career in the arts. He won't be as stable as a professor, accountant, actuary, etc because he will have to travel to different places when he gets different jobs/assignments. That literally comes with the territory and is how he is able to (justly) pay her ~$40K a month.

From the outside looking in, it just seems like she didn't realize she was with a man who was going to flip when he made it, and she's still holding on to some resentment there. We all would, to be honest, but this is reminiscent of the stuff that was happening with Kevin Hart and his first wife.

Sometimes we don't see that the man we are with doesn't see us as forever, and that ish HURTS. I just want to see ladies regroup and win after situations like this.
Keep it pushing like the fellas.

I'll always have love for Ciara, Marjorie, etc who put themselves and their children first. Find a new man who is a better example of manhood for the kids.

That's why so many brothas hate Ciara's story. She didn't wallow in her bad decision and fade away. She found a man who is 10x the man MOST men are. He's a better father for Future's son than Future.

Marjorie is with a man who is providing and showing her children from other men how to make and stack money in entertainment. She made sure she married someone who loved her enough to provide for HER kids.

I just like to see ladies win.

Anon said...

A woman should be the reflection of a man's success not his struggles

Anon said...

They weren't equally yoked to begin with

Anonymous said...

We are tired of both of them.

Unknown said...

Y'all acting like kids weren't zooming into classes for the last 24 months. Who said anything about the kid's missing school? Does Jesse not have the means to hire a tutor? To set the kids up for online classes? Military brats are rarely in the same school, same city, or country for long periods of time, as well. Kids adjust. And just like the other poster mentioned, had Jesse not left Aryn, she would have gladly uprooted their kids and moved cross country to be closer to him. However, now that he's left her, and has a PYT, suddenly the kids need in-person classes? Give me a fucking break. Aryn is bitter, petty, and resentful because her successful husband left her for someone more younger, and attractive. Whereas, she looks like a frumpy dumpy egg who lives in the wilderness. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful, fashionable, sexy - and intelligent. Intelligence and sexuality don't have to be mutually exclusive - but women like Aryn always seem to think that their intelligence and character are going to keep a man, when the truth is, men are very one dimensional and just want someone visually attractive. Now, I'm not a man, but, Aryn looks a hot fucking mess! The hair is wild, she looks slightly delayed when she smiles, she's overweight, and she has zero sex appeal. She should be grateful for the time that she had with Jesse.

Lili said...

@ Unknown 4:22PM

" but women like Aryn always seem to think that their intelligence and character are going to keep a man, when the truth is, men are very one dimensional and just want someone visually attractive. Now, I'm not a man, but, Aryn looks a hot fucking mess! The hair is wild, she looks slightly delayed when she smiles, she's overweight, and she has zero sex appeal."

.........Basically, all this.
You said it more succinctly than I could.

This is what most people don't teach their daughters, until it's too late.

Intelligence and character will keep men of a higher class/order in society, because they want to maintain wealth and status on both sides. You can see this with the billionaires, CEOs, Royals, etc married to women who aren't considered conventionally attractive. They understand valuing more than just looks. But there are very few of those men. LOL And they usually have women on the side. So, the women in those situations understand their importance is for birthing and raising the next set of children who will take the reigns; not children necessarily born out of love.

As a young woman, looks, charm and grace will get you FAR. Once you're in position (married), that's when you make moves to truly secure your future. Which is why some divorcees never remarry. They married well enough the first time, so if their hubby passes or they get divorced, they won't need to themselves to another man.

Aryn was the starter wife, and she was the last to know.

I don't like seeing these things play out at all, especially when the women really do ride for their husbands. SMH

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a picture of Aaryn that looks decent. She needs a personal trainer and a makeover.

T said...

THIS is about the kids, she should have put stipulations in the child support order. During the pandemic HE should travel to see his kids, he can stop his hoe hopping for a week. To HIDE a dog bite that his daughter incurred while in his care and not mention it to her mom..until later is irresponsible as hell..not to even call her pediatrician, is horrible. poor kids in the middle of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Why should the kid's schedule be disrupted because of his job? This is nonsense! If he wants to see his kids, then he should makes plans to visit them when he's in town. Kids work well within routines and all that pulling them out of school is ridiculous.

The King Of The Real said...

The kids are going to hate her

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