Thursday, February 17, 2022

Kanye Continues to Lose It Over Kim

This week Kanye West went right back to cyber stalking his estranged wife Kim Kardashian after acknowledging that his behavior crossed the line [click here if you missed that]. 

After deleting all the Instagram posts devoted to Kim and her boyfriend Pete Davidson, Kanye asks God to watch over him and keep his mind sane...

Kanye also gives a shout out to anyone feeling lonely.  


WhichOne said...

No this is about kid Cudi

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who said he's doing all of this so we can watch his Netflix series.

R in NYC said...

I think he really is lonely and jealous and insecure. He is very bothered.

COOLKID said...

Dude where are your "people"? Where are the people who wear the last name West? YOUR BLOOD RELATIVES!

No Chiraq said...

Subtherapeutic Bi-polar. He used to call himself a 'GOD' Perhaps he use resources his Godly Yezzie Ye Universe and take his meds

R in NYC said...

@ coolkid

I be wondering about that too. Where are his black relatives????

Anonymous said...

Kid Cudi posted that he reshared

Anonymous said...

#1. Where are the black West's at?

#2. Kanye's mental will get better when he comes out the

#3. I felt the same way Kanye did in college. I had this
chick who was into me and I was into her. I was a
good look on her arm and so was she on my arm
however, I told her I was battling liking guys and
I got cut str8 off. I hit her up and her friends
and nobody responded. I called her daily for two
and was butt hurt but I got my therapy and I'm
good. Kanye needs a good black therapy, meds,
and just come out the closet. Its hard holding
all that energy inside.

Anonymous said...

^ did you come out? Because if you are still battling those feelings, I can help you resolve the issue. Alllll-right.

Me said...

@1139, that is truly his issue

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