Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Kimora Lee Simmons' Marriage Pushed Hubby into a Life of Crime?

Last week one of Kimora Lee Simmons' husband Tim Leissner's former co-defendants in a billion dollar Malaysia bond fraud trial accused him of being a bigamist who uses people [click here if you missed that].  

Now a new book about Leissner implies it was his desire to impress Kimora Lee Simmons that drove him to a life of crime...

“He married Kimora and needed to present a richer personality. He couldn’t be a banker. He had to be a rich guy with his own yacht,” Bradley Hope, co-author of “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Walled Street, Hollywood and the World,” told The Post.
“He wanted to be a player instead of the guy who just deals with players.”
“The impression [colleagues] had was that he wanted to make a lot of money,” Hope said of Leissner when Kimora came into his life. “He wasn’t content to make what he made.”
Kimora and Leissner are now separated.


Anonymous said...

FOH with that bullsh*t. That mf aint no different than the rest of them greedy white boys! One can say that he got with her for more prestige to further his schemes of getting rich quick!

R in NYC said...

Dude was already a crook. Kimora married him thinking he had more money than he claimed. The money is gone now she's gone. Gold digging 101.

Anonymous said...

Shiiiittt Kimora is the mf PIMP of all these son of a bitches. She got a good bulk of his cash and boogied on his ass. Who the hell thinks shes is interested in peddling them cheap ass sweat suits with some gigantic cat. She is a hustler thru and thru, See this is who Porsha would love to be, All robbing the robber and shit.

Unknown said...

In the words if true W.S. its always something else's fault.

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