Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Kimora Lee Simmons Married a Bigamist?

Four years ago Kimora Lee Simmons' husband Tim Leissner plead guilty to fraud charges and agreed to cooperate with authorities in a huge Malaysia bond scandal [click here if you missed that]. 

Now his former co-defendant is accusing Leissner of bigamy...

Former Goldman Sachs executive Tim Leissner is a “double bigamist” who was “married to two different women at the same time, twice,” according to the defense lawyer for his subordinate who is on trial for his part in a multi-billion dollar embezzlement scheme.
Leissner, the estranged husband of fashion model and reality television star Kimora Lee Simmons, is the federal government’s key witness in its case against Roger Ng, the banker who led Goldman’s Malaysia division.
“Tim Leissner uses people,” defense attorney Marc Agnifilo told jurors on Monday in his opening statement in Brooklyn federal court, which was reported by Bloomberg.
Agnifilo alleged that Leissner also had an “illicit” relationship with Jasmine Loo, who was general counsel at 1MDB. Loo fled Malaysia and is wanted by authorities there for her role in the scheme.
Ng’s defense attorney told the jury that Leissner and Loo developed a “dark trust because of their illicit, intimate romantic relationship.” Leissner “uses women, he uses false intimacy, and now he’s trying to use my client to get him to do his jail time,” according to Agnifilo.
Leissner, who pleaded guilty and forfeited $43 million, is testifying against Ng in order to get a reduced sentence.
Ng faces decades in prison if he is convicted of money laundering and bribery. He and Leissner were both arrested and charged for their role in the 1MDB scandal.


Anonymous said...

All that glitters ain't gold! Gotta watch the entrepreneurial business mf's & all their bright ideas...

Anonymous said...

@11:44 AM


Anonymous said...

Ok Snitch I am having problems with you posting about these Yt demons on a Black website. The Yt blogs can talk about them all day. I dont care about Yt ppl and they problems.

R in NYC said...

When gold digging goes wrong.

Unknown said...

Kimora loves wealth and excess. Men like Leissner seek out women like Kimora. Crazy.

Blue said...

But she had time to help throw Jordan Woods under the bus

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