Tuesday, February 01, 2022

NeNe Leakes Loses Big on Home Sale

Back in December there were reports that NeNe Leakes sold her Duluth mansion for very close to her $4 million asking price [click here if you missed that]. 

Not so fast...

Apparently NeNe sold the home she purchased for $2.1 million in 2015 at a loss.

From TMZ
NeNe Leakes has sold her Georgia mansion for $2.6 million, and whoever snagged the home paid almost half NeNe's initial asking price ... TMZ has learned.
The 5-bedroom, 7-bath pad sold last Tuesday, and the next resident will enjoy some pretty cool features, including a resort-style pool with a waterfall.
We're told the home's had lots of updates since then, as the former 'Real Housewives' star put a lot of money into making improvements.


R in NYC said...

Damn she must have been hurting for cash. I thought she was very rich.

Anonymous said...

She didn't lose money..She just didn't make as much as she wanted. She purchased the home for $2.1M & sold for $2.4M....Don't know how much she spent on remodeling/upgrades but she made out on the plus side or at least broke even.

Anonymous said...

This woman has broken a lot of bridges along the way. Let's see how she sells her entire soul to bounce back. Or will she come out on top? Will she marry a man that she thinks has money and he turns out to be broke? Will a scammer sell her a dream proposition and she falls for it and loses everything? We all make mistakes. But her greed and bad needs to others will catch up to her.

Yamz said...

Yeah she didnt profit, but its definitely a wash out. She just went bellyup on them improvements. The housing market isn't about to crash but it's about to get real out here.

The King Of The Real said...

Yeahh she should of kept it if it was paid off

TRACI404 said...

Ohh it's a loss for sure
She bought the house in 2015.
7 years later only $300k of equity.
2019-2021 was the hottest market in decades everything was doubling in price. The realtor priced it correctly. NeNe must have been headed into foreclosure to only accept half the price.

TRACI404 said...

This means she didnt BUY the fancy BUCKHEAD CONDO ???
Its all "smoke and mirrors"

Anonymous said...

Why do ppl purchase homes bigger than they need? If you're a couple, why purchase a house with larger this, bigger that and more than 3 bedrooms? It's more house than you need and keep up with.

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