Monday, February 14, 2022

NFL Mistakes Mickey Guyton for Jhene Aiko

Country music singer Mickey Guyton was chosen to sing the National Anthem at this years Super Bowl but the NFL can't tell a Mickey from a Jhene... 

Despite the mix-up Mickey killed her rendition of the National Anthem as did Jhene Aiko who sang America the Beautiful. 


Anonymous said...

This is not a story...just an honest mix-up. Both ladies looked lovely,

Alma's Daughter said...

Dre and company showed up to get paid and they couldn't even take a knee. The only mufuka with the balls to do it was a culture vulture wannabe. You can't make up this sh!t.

R in NYC said...

No big deal she sounded great. The lady can sang!

Anon said...


Take a knee for what? Trump's not in office anymore.
Players didn't take a knee just like they didn't in last year's SB
Everyone stood for the Anthem while another Black person sung.
The Anthem is supposed to be racist but they always find Black people to sing it at the Super Bowl.

Just a ruse

Anonymous said...

WOW! Never heard of the Mickey chick but wow she has an incredible voice! I'll pass on Jhene every time.

The halftime show was damn good. Dre looked healthy and handsome, I was surprised, for an old ass nigga he could get it.

Even Curtis lost a few pounds with his fat ass. I still love you tho!

We needed Ice Cube and a Tupac hollowgram!

Anonymous said...

She should have sung "Lift Every Voice and Sing". That would have been a GAG. lol

Anonymous said...

We all look alike to them Yt demons. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

Marry was the best part of the show to me. The mics were too low. 50ty hanging upside down like a bat out of hell.

Anon said...

There's no need .
The election is over

Felicia said...

Where was the mix up!!


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