Monday, February 28, 2022

Nicole TV Suing Polow Da Don

Popular social media influencer Nicole TV suing Atlanta music producer Polow da Don for breach of contract and accuses him of seducing her into signing to his record label...

Sandra Rose obtained a copy of Nicole's complaint where she accuses Polow of contacting her online and inviting her to join his Zone 4 record label. 

Nicole, who was 18 at the time, claims Polow plied her with alcohol when she arrived and slept with her while explaining the terms of her contract that would give him 50% of her Youtube ad income. While Nicole didn't fall for that, she eventually did sign a deal giving Polow 15% of her ad revenue. Nicole claims she was pressured to sign quickly and was not allowed to show the contract to her lawyer. 

Making matters worse Nicole claims Polow lost interest in her music career once she stopped sleeping with him. 

Nicole is seeking a release from her contract and attorney fees.