Friday, February 25, 2022

Wendy Williams Fires Entire Management Team?

Last week daytime talk show host Wendy Williams denied releasing the statement put out by her team giving Wendy's blessing for Sherri Shepherd's new talk show set to replace the Wendy Show in June [click here if you missed that]. 

Now insiders claim Wendy has fired everyone and is relying on her son and ex-husband to handle her affairs... 

From The Sun
WENDY Williams has fired her management team and is only speaking to her son and ex-husband Kevin Hunter, The Sun can exclusively report.
Multiple sources have exclusively said that Wendy has gotten rid of both her longtime manager, Bernie Young, and her recent crisis manager, Howard Bragman.
One insider told The Sun: "Bernie and Howard are out. They don’t even have a way to get in contact with her.
"No one has no way to get in contact with Wendy, she doesn't even have her own phone anymore."
The Wendy insider claimed Howard was brought on by the show’s production company, Debmar Mercury, but was never hired by Wendy herself. (Debmar Mercury has denied they hired the crisis manager directly.)
“Her son is doing a great job with her, taking care of her and getting her the help she needs.
"Kevin Jr has Power of Attorney, but his dad is helping him manage what that means he needs to do.
"He’s young, and because of everything going on, Wendy isn't opposed to having her ex-husband help her."


R in NYC said...

If she's trusting her ex to do right by her, she's in a really bad place. He's going to manipulate their son to serve his own needs.

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes the rest of her money.

Anonymous said...

She just refuses to let her ex go. Pity she does not have enough close relatives and or friends. I thought her sister was a lawyer. Rely on her instead of this messy ex husband who never did right by her.

Gg57 said...

She has no friends because her abusive controlling ex made sure she burned all those bridges 24 years ago. Kevin is Wendy's pimp. And I hate to say but he is a very good one. He has managed to brainwash manipulate and dominate Wendy for over twenty years.

BaybeK8s said...

I hope Big and Lil Ke(l)vin aren't trying to modern day Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Wendy's ass.

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