Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Wendy Williams' Son Given Power of Attorney

Earlier this month Wellls Fargo froze daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' bank accounts after suspecting she was being financially exploited [click here if you missed that]. 

Now her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has been given the power of attorney over Wendy's affairs...

From The Sun
An attorney for Wendy exclusively confirmed to The Sun that the host's son Kevin Hunter Jr., 21, holds power of attorney as his troubled mother's legal team fights to regain access to her frozen accounts.
The attorney said Wendy’s accounts were frozen by Wells Fargo after Kevin Jr’s power of attorney paperwork was submitted.
“No one attempted to purchase a car or buy property or anything like that. She just wanted online access to her account.”
“We had submitted the power of attorney paperwork to Wells Fargo and they refused to honor it.
Meanwhile, a source close to the case has suggested that the power of attorney paperwork is one of the central issues that caused Wells Fargo to freeze the accounts, and triggered the bank’s request to the judge for a guardianship hearing for the host.