Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Black Chyna Accuses Rob Kardashian of Extortion

Last month, after a five year legal battle, Rob Kardashian dropped the assault and battery lawsuit he filed against his baby mama, Blac Chyna, just one day before the trial was finally supposed to began [click here if you missed that]. 

Meanwhile Blac Chyna is pressing on with her revenge porn lawsuit against Rob and accuses him of extortion...
[Chyna] says Rob reopened their custody battle in 2020 as “part of his attempt to extort her to drop her Revenge Porn claim against him.”
She plans to testify at trial that “if she agreed to drop her Revenge Porn claim against him, [Rob] told her that he would drop the 2020 Family Law case (and his now dismissed assault and battery case) wherein [Rob] maliciously sought to destroy [Chyna’s] child custody rights.”
Chyna says she will testify Rob not only posted the photos of her on July 5, 2017 along with “extremely angry and hostile posts and tweets about her.”
In court docs, Chyna’s powerhouse attorney Lynne Ciani tells the judge, “Rob Kardashian was furious that [Chyna] had ended their engagement and was dating other men in mid-2017."
“Not only did this reality lead to an unhinged and criminal Revenge Porn attack by [Rob] against his ex-fiancĂ©, [Chyna], but it also led to his vengeful and baseless assault and battery lawsuit.”
“[Chyna] will testify at trial that [Rob] used the assault and battery lawsuit as part of his attempt to extort her to drop her Revenge Porn claim against him,” her motion reads.
A judge has yet to rule on the matter.


Anonymous said...

All parties are repulsive

Anonymous said...

I wish she would have married him and got his last namw and dismantled that circus from the inside

Anonymous said...

She forgot to mention Rob's homophobic and racist rants also. That "Fam" has real world issues.

Felicia said...

She keep her some money for lawyers!!

I guess tricking does pay!!

Anonymous said...

^^ Maybe tricking does pay, but you have to have these nasty, sweaty, limp "D" n99as on top and inside you, grunting and grinding trying to reach Nirvana. Maybe Micky D's ain't so bad ??? JS ^^

Anonymous said...


Reading between the lines, this stripper/reality star/porn star/celebrity is really saying that no matter how much she lowers her rates, men have not been responding, so is going to need a bump in child support. Blac Chyna (Rob Kardashian and Tyga clap back at their ex-fiancée Blac Chyna after she claims they pay 'no child support')

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