Thursday, March 31, 2022

G-Herbo Accused of Allowing Son's Abuse

Chicago rapper G Herbo's first baby mama accuses his second baby mama of abusing the son they share...

It all started earlier this week when G Herbo's first baby mama, popular Instagram model Ari Fletcher, shared a video of her and G Herbo's son crying hysterically at the thought of her having another baby. Then today G Herbo shared a video reacting to the video of his son and blasting social media users for pitting his son with Ari against the son he shares with celebrity stylist Emily Bustamante's daughter Taina.

G Herbo's video triggered Ari who shared a message on Instagram accusing Herbo of allowing Taina to abuse their son.

And that's when Taina jumped in with her denial. 

And that's just what Ari was waiting for to pull the receipts in the form of audio recordings of Yohson telling his father that he doesn't like Taina, that she hits him, that she's a bad person and that he's going to call the police on her. Ari also shared video of Yohson telling her Taina is mean to him and that he wants to shoot her.