Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Jesse Williams Ex Wife Loses Custody Battle

Last month actor Jesse Williams ex-wife Aryn Drake Lee filed a motion requesting to be awarded primary custody of their two children after accusing Jesse of being too inconsistent with their care [click here if you missed that]. 

Request denied...

According to Radar Online 
The parties were awarded joint legal custody of their kids. The judge denied Aryn’s request for Jesse to pay half after she re-hired their longtime nanny because she failed to provide any financials. The court also shut down her request to modify parenting time.
Jesse was granted tie-breaking authority over Covid-19 protocols if the parties cannot reach an agreement, including on vaccines.
The judge also ordered the two to participate in 10 sessions of co-parenting.


The King Of The Real said...

Pimps UP. She really need to stop tripping. Eventually he gonna get time and just take them.

Anonymous said...

That's the warning shot from the court. If she keep up teh bullshllt based on her own insecurities and inability to allow herself to heal from the breakup she going to lose her share of custody. She's going to be another Siovaughn Wade if she does not take heed and reign her crazy in.

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

What the first two poster said. She needs to stop the shenanigans its only going to hurt the kids in the long run if not already Let it go hun

Anonymous said...

Girrrrlllll get up off your dusty and get a job.
JW is cute and you may not find another celebrity/actor but pull your self-esteem together. A little exercise could help too. Find old Joe down at the meat market. He's a nice guy and going to be good to your Children.

R in NYC said...

The judge us suck of her sh*t. It's time to stop being so controlling and work with a brotha.

Kedarbenjudah said...

She is still bitter over the split

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. What he did was wrong, but she's letting her bitterness consume her. She needs to heal instead of lashing out because it's just hurting her children.

Lili said...

People are about to switch to his side of this drama if she doesn't chill out. The courts are letting her know. :-|

I reeeeeally want her to focus on herself and put herself first. He isn't the man she thought he was, and that's the end of it.

On the same damn page of this blog you have Deelishis, older than her, confident enough to walk away from her sham of a marriage and go hunt for someone new, Kim Kardashian running away from a living icon, etc. Not saying these women are role models, but they are examples of women who are willing to walk away and see what else the world has in store. Whether or not that includes another marriage.

This was a real union, and she was betrayed. We can't tell anyone how long to grieve the death of a marriage, but at some point, you have to realize you're giving your ex some sense of satisfaction by carrying on like this. She could easily focus on her mental, physical and emotional health -ON HIS DIME- and have the glow up of all glow-ups.

I mean hell, Meagan Good is turning 40/41 and looks like perfection after leaving her marriage. It's a new day! Forget this man and roll on to someone better. Hell, she's still young enough to find a fine, established older man.

Anonymous said...

Girl lose some weight and get a mommy makeover. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Me said...

11:51 I'm ready to give ol Joe at the meat market a chance. I am done w my husband.

531, thank you! Really needed to hear that

Lili said...

@6:34PM Exactly!

@ Me 10:07PM All good, babe! <3
Always want to see fellow women happy and thriving. We don't have to remain stuck, sad or overly emotional when it comes to these things. Sometimes it's ok to be a little detached, put the emotions to the side and operate in full logic to see things for what they are. Do what you must to power through and get to the other side! For yourself and for your little ones.

Be well. :)

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