Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Raymond Santana Pulls the Trigger on Divorce From Deelishis

Yesterday London "Deelishis" Charles announced that she was married to a narcissistic lying cheater and that she was ready to tell her story [click here if you missed that]. 

Now her husband has filed for divorce...

According to reports Raymond Santana filed for divorce from Deelishis in Georgia and listed their date of separation as Nov. 7. 

Santana stated the marriage was irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation. 

Deelishis and Raymond Santana met on Instagram and got married six months later on June 6, 2020.

Deelishis is famous for winning the VH1 Flava Flav dating show 'Flava of Love' and Raymond Santana is one of five teen boys who were wrongfully convicted in a high profile rape case in 1985 New York. 


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh so that's how she's going to make money, after spending all his 5m. Tell all performances. Next trick pls.

The King Of The Real said...

she got that lipo with his money he should of invested in Tyco with his money

Anonymous said...

King that was sooooo corny.

Anonymous said...

Santana married an Instagram thot sitting on millions what did people expect with this sham marriage and the simp left his day women for a industry pass around hoe karma

R in NYC said...

A hot mess. I hope he has a few coins left.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your baby done made some other plans

Anonymous said...

Takes more than a big booty to keep a man.

Lili said...

WAAAAAAIT a second-

Y'all are saying he had a wife and dropped her for Deelishis? LMAO

This is the reason why men's complaints fall on deaf ears. Man or woman, you could look at this couple and tell she was in it for a come up. This is what happens when men chase IG "baddie" types.

Who didn't see this coming? And I'm not even knocking her; she needs to be with an entertainer or someone along those lines. That's her type.

But if he married her, he's just following his smaller head, which leads me to think he just may be chasing hot chicks period.

I swear, having your look together is like 75% of the battle at this point. Even the men who should be explicitly searching for substance are shallow as hell. LOL

Me said...

They look alike

Anonymous said...

She was a predator that sought him out...that man has alot of trauma

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