Monday, March 14, 2022

Pete Davidson Checks Kanye West Over Kim Kardashian

Last night Kanye West shared a series of videos bashing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for alienating him from their children and for allowing their 8-year-old daughter to make TikTok videos. 

And then Kim's new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, stepped into the chat..


Anonymous said...

Both Kanye and Pete are mental cases....Kim definitely has a type.

Anonymous said...

He also antagonized Mac Miller over Ariana Grande, don't think we forgot you a grimy mf Skete. Your hero dad must be so proud.

Treasure Hill said...

More scripted nonsense. The cameras were there I am sure

Anonymous said...

Kim K. will announce that "Skeet" will be in season 1 of the new HULU show! The check is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

The Kardashians first official trailer: Kim Kardashian shares Kanye told her that her 'career was over' as Kris Jenner says 'no one saw' her daughter's relationship with Pete Davidson coming

The first official trailer for the new Hulu series The Kardashians dropped on Monday morning
There are many tidbits that are shared with guest stars like Scott Disick and Tristan Thompson being seen
The most shocking parts come from Kim Kardashian and her drama with ex Kanye and new love Pete
She is seen telling Kourtney that her estranged husband West had told her that her 'career was over'
The 41-year-old mother-of-four was also heard saying that 'it is really hard with Kanye'
The siren is also seen stressed out as she prays with her family before hosting Saturday Night Live
And at one point Kim says that if anyone messes with her she will destroy them
'We have all of the time and all of the resources to burn them all to the f***ing ground,' she says
And several members of the famous family are heard saying, 'Never go against the family,' which seems to be a warning to Kanye
Elsewhere in the trailer, Khloe is seen talking about perpetual love rat Tristan Thompson
'Tristan and I are complicated - trust takes time,' says the 36-year-old Good American designer
The basketball star is also seen in the clip with Khloe and True, making it extra clear he is on the show
And Kourtney is heard saying she wants a baby with fiancé Travis Barker as they visit a doctor
Kylie is seen briefly as she comments that her second pregnancy with Travis Scott has been more 'public'

Anonymous said...

Alright everybody, we got the trailers up on line. Skeet, good job provoking Ye. Ye, we need more cray-cray baby. Kim, love the mafioso proclamation, hardcore boo. Next we want to start looking at the Travis Scott sit and Kortney backtracking on having two baby-daddies. Okay it looks like a faboo first season. All hail HULU!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand how Pete feels because he is an innocent party, and Kanye has made videos with threats against him, and he's constantly picking with the man's new woman. That's a lot for any man to let slide.After months of the madness, Pete has obviously had enough. He stayed silent for a very long time.Even D.L. is clapping back at Kanye for threatening him.

I am not blaming Kim, but when you have an ex spouse who is obviously severely troubled, you need to stay single a while because noone needs to be drug into that mess. This situation is not looking very good. I don't think they realize just how far gone he is. It's in his eyes. The only thing I do agree with Kanye on is not allowing kids to be on social media because they can't handle the insults and it creates early narcissism and the need for validation too.

I wonder if the Kardashians practice witchcraft because the men who enter their lives end up jacked up as if a Jezebel spirit is there?

Anonymous said...

Just when Kanye thought shit could not get any worse he loses the love of his life, mother to allll his little ones, and part owner of every billion he will ever make to a guy named Skeet. He said Kim know what it do. Like Kourtney said.. shit gon hurt a long time. The brand has moved on to rich, dirty looking, ex drug addict white boys apparently its their new untapped community.

R in NYC said...

I don't think the Pete and Kanye stuff is an act. Kanye despises him for real.

Anonymous said...

^^Kim olds a controlling interest in all of Ye's businesses. Kim says jump, Ye says "how many times?"

Anonymous said...

LOL...Kanye manic ass needs to get help bcuz he's a acting just like Trump...a sore loser that can't take an L....i really don't feel empathy for any of these ppl!

Anonymous said...

The kids don't need to be at that satanic Sunday service no way.

Meansideeye said...

So that white privilege you speak of is a problem now? As I recall this is what you wanted from jump a la "leave yo a*s for a white girl". You knew the deal, sought after it, coveted it and now that you got it all you butthurt. I don't agree with kids on SM but of course KK kids would be on SM. Just a sec ago you had wifeys punanny in everybody's face as art but now it's perverse. I can't with this dude. No one cares because all of this is playing out exactly how it was supposed to. You're the only one seemingly surprised. Kim was gon Kim. It is what it is. I'd say I was surprised at how much of a shell you are but all the men who stayed to long with this fam turned out the same way. Ye had examples and still ended up like this. Sorry bruh...nobody's gonna blame water for being wet. Blame your poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

HULU story line.

Anonymous said...

KW looks like he stores acorn nuts in his mouth for the winter. I hope he don't swallow before he chews.

Anonymous said...

People are really falling for this P.R Stunt. It's funny how this Armenians family, an Indo-European people, are posted on every black blog. It's so sad black people have no inner self-worth or depth to cap for Kim Kardashian and that family like they know them personally. Young Black girl losing their identity over IG thots. Pete "Skete" used to date Cindy Crawford's daughter and Cindy and her Husband had to talk Skete out of not hurting himself. When Skete sent this text of him naked in bed to Ye, I now believe the he text Mac Miller (RIP) sexual images of him an Ariana Grande. He has mentally problems which he has openly admitted along with drug issues. I wouldn't want him around my children. Nevertheless, people so invested in Kim and Kanye drama reveals their life sucks.

James Keys said...

^^ @9:25, you are the only commenter who got it RIGHT.^^

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