Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Summer Walker Caught Lying to Her Fans?

Last week singer / songwriter Summer Walker told her disappointed audience that she couldn't sing the songs from her new album because her wounds were still fresh and the songs were too painful to sing [click here if you missed that]. 

Was Summer lying to her fans...?

Sure sounds like it. 

In a video circulating online Summer is heard saying she didn't want to sing the new songs because she doesn't know the words.


Rainy Dayz said...

I’m a new fan this young lady. Her recent album got some nice cuts. She has no stage presence so the live option is out the window for me. Her recent antics seem as if she’s going thru mentally. Hopefully she can work it out peacefully. Keep your head up sista ✊🏿

Anonymous said...

She wrote the songs but can't remember the words. Ok.

Me said...

I didn't realize she was so pretty!

Anonymous said...

@12:14 Makeup and weave can do wonders. It's when both are removed that tells the truth.

Anonymous said...

Past generations of music artist were so professional during their ProFormance's.

Qbevonne67 said...

It is clear she has Trauma. She was a stripper before she became a singer and with them comes a lot of ACES/Childhood trauma. I am adamant that she has PTSD/BPD and or some kind of mental disorder. When she first came out, she would freeze up and not want to do stage performaces. There is something deeper and more chilling going on with the music industry and women. Particularly black women. Every artist that is a woman or black woman that is hot, is taking their clothes off, being subgated to online harrassment and abuse and are mentally and physically on show if they don't look a certain carcinoid way (weaves, bleaching and over sexualization/exploitation of black women). Then add someone like Summer Walker and SZA who BTW are darker female artist with issues, and they are social targets of a dysfunctional system that is not kind to black women creators. Praying for Summer and or anyone with a gift that is in an abusive situation or organization, to kind the strength to LEAVE. This is why a lot of artist stay out or leave the industry...mostly because it mentally nearly killed them.

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