Thursday, March 10, 2022

Tim Leissner Went to Great Lengths to Trick Kimora Lee Simmons

Last month it was revealed that Kimora Lee Simmons' husband Tim Leissner faked his divorce from two different women before marrying the former fashion model [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently Tim posed as one of his ex wives in email correspondence with Kimora...
A bigamist former Goldman Sachs banker posed as his ex-wife for years over email to try and convince his reality star girlfriend that their marriage had ended.
Tim Leissner - who pleaded guilty to taking part in Malaysia's 1MDB corruption scandal in 2018 - told Goldman Sachs colleague Roger Ng's trial on Tuesday that he used an email account bearing the name of his then-wife, Judy Chan, to convince reality star Kimora Lee Simmons he was divorced, Bloomberg reported.
Leissner, posing as Chan, used the account to woo Simmons for years, whom he later married. Simmons - a model and reality star - was so convinced by the ploy that she even invited the emailer she believed to be wine heiress Chan on vacation with her.
The email correspondences showed he routinely declined Simmons' invitations for Chan and her children to vacation with the former model and her family in Paris, Austria and on a private Caribbean island. In one message he even cited a car accident as reason they were unable to travel.
'It was an entire life you completely falsified because you made the whole thing up?' Ng's attorney, Marc Agnifilo, asked Leissner.
'The correspondence yes,' he reportedly replied. 'But an entire life may be too far.' Leissner is a double-bigamist who faked divorce papers from his unnamed first wife to marry Chan, before deploying the same tactic to marry Simmons while still betrothed to both other women.