Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Wendy Williams Planning Her Big Comeback?

Last month The Wendy Williams show was officially canceled and replaced with The Sherri Shepherd Show after Wendy took an extended hiatus to deal with health issues  [click here if you missed that]. 

Now sources claim Wendy is no longer using a wheelchair and planning her big comeback...

From The Sun
The insider said “She looks good! She isn’t fully back, but she seems like 80% of her old self. In another couple of months, and I bet she's totally back."
The host has made some lifestyle adjustments in her recovery that have helped her along the way, the insider claimed.
“Wendy has vowed not to drink and she is eating much healthier these days and it shows, her legs aren’t nearly as swollen,” the source added.
The source said not only that, but Wendy is wheelchair free.
“She is planning her next move. She won't be in Florida much longer, she is coming back to New York, and soon.”
The source said that Wendy should not be counted out, adding the host wants back on TV and wants to get her old team together.
“Wendy is making plans to make a big comeback,” the source insisted.