Friday, April 15, 2022

Cash Out Arrested for Human Trafficking

Atlanta rapper Cash Out indicted on human trafficking charges...

A metro-Atlanta rapper was recently indicted on charges of rape, sex trafficking and is accused of luring women into prostitution.
Prosecutors said John Michael Hakeem Gibson, aka Cash Out, developed a criminal enterprise with a convincing story to lure the women.
“The most troubling aspect of this case is that women have been victimized and brutalized within our community by people who had a chance to do something else with their lives,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said.
The district attorney’s office said Cash Out used his celebrity status to push women into a life of prostitution.
“How many of these sex workers have been rescued?” Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne asked Fulton County deputy district attorney Earnell Winfrey.
“We’ve rescued two so far,” Winfrey said. “Some of these women are our most vulnerable women and he lured them in, let them believe that he cared about them and that he would take care of them, only to flip the script and then began to pimp them out.”
Winfrey says Cash Out is the figurehead of an organization at the focus of a 41-count indictment handed down in late March against him and five others.
“He’s a very talented musical performer. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay in that business, and he branched off to the business that finds him under indictment,” Willis said.
Winfrey said Cash Out faces 13 counts including racketeering, trafficking a person for sexual servitude, rape and aggravated sodomy. The indictment cites events that allegedly occurred in a hotel room off Fulton Industrial Boulevard.


Anonymous said...

Anything on Fulton Industrial is suspect. He did that sh*t! Sick bastard wanna make money off the backs of someone else. Throw away the key

Anonymous said...

Never heard of him.

Unknown said...

Atlanta is known as international portal for pedophiles and human trafficking smh. Not surprised that a dusty nigga like him got caught up smdh.

R in NYC said...

They say sex trafficking can be more or as lucrative as selling drugs. Every time I read about some pretty, young girl missing I immediately think trafficking. Sadly, this is the world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Part of MANY RITUALS one becomes a part of when they sell their soul for a little fame. The shit is sad & disgusting, but these Presidents, Politicians, & all other folks with major money will continue to do it.

The King Of The Real said...


Anonymous said...

From Cash Out to Assed Out.

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