Thursday, April 28, 2022

Guns Confiscated in ASAP Rocky Raid Not Connected to Shooting

Last week Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky's West Hollywood mansion was raided by L.A.P.D. in connection to a shooting [click here if you missed that]. 

Weapons discovered in the raid were NOT connected to the case...

From TMZ 
Sources close to Rocky tell us cops determined very quickly the "lawfully purchased and legally registered" guns found in the rapper's home were not connected to the crime. Our Rocky sources tell us officers never even removed the weapons from the home, because they knew there was no relation to the weapon used in the alleged shooting.
Our law enforcement sources maintain they seized weapons from the home.
We're also told cops will run background on the firearms to determine where they came from, who bought them, or if they'd been reported stolen.


Anonymous said...

Snitch we don't care about ASAP, no updates needed. Give an update on Cryrese crying on IG again.

Anonymous said...

He looks happy than a mug.

Anonymous said...

Now that there's no bad news on Rocky, no one cares. Typical!

Anonymous said...

^^^nobody gives af about Aunty Rocky good news, bad news or indifferent news.

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