Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Janet Jackson Spotted at Posh London Pawn Shop

Spywittnesses claim Janet Jackson has become a regular customer at an upscale pawn shop in London...

From The Daily Mail 

This must be the most unlikely place you'd expect to see a member of her super-rich family, but pop star Janet Jackson has been spotted at a pawnbroker's in Chelsea.
The American singer, 55, who has an estimated fortune of £150million, was seen leaving Prestige Pawnbrokers where a Hermes handbag can cost up to £29,000 and is said to have become something of a regular there.
Janet seen leaving clutching a blue jewellery box under a sign which read 'Posh Pawn' and got into a Range Rover parked outside - and apparently it wasn't her first visit.
A source told Mail Online: 'She is a big fan of the shop and the staff look forward to welcoming her. She is always very chatty.
'She's been in five or six times and loves looking around. She is a valued client.'
An onlooker in the store told MailOnline: 'Janet was in Prestige Pawnbrokers for quite some time, she was looking at the jewellery for a while and seemed quite interested in a Hermes bag.
'She was clutching a blue jewellery box, but it wasn't clear what it contained. She seemed to be very friendly and was chatting away with the staff asking questions about various items on display.'
At Prestige Pawnbrokers the most expensive Cartier ring and earrings can cost up to £79,950 each and the most expensive Hermes bag costs £29,000.